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POWER CLOSINGS a/k/a DEED PACKAGES Are you or your clients busy traveling or perhaps selling a property out-of-state and cannot attend the closing?  CENTER CITY NOTARY, Philadelphia’s only 24-hour notary company now offers POWER CLOSINGS.  What is a POWER CLOSINGS? You and your client(s) have your closing documents signed and notarized – including a POWER OF ATTORNEY so a designated person can act as the Agent and complete the Closing.
How does a POWER CLOSING work? Professional closers and experienced notaries review all documents to make sure they are signed and notarized correctly. The documents and scanned for email purposes.  In many instances Brokers review the documents immediately before the originals are mailed. Our office has 24-hour access including Fedex, UPS and the USPS site. This can be done either at our office or at your clients' location.
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This Power of Attorney is restricted 100% to the specific closing and once the closing is completed the Power of Attorney cannot be used for any other purposes. 
Judith Lawrence has been a notary since 2001.  Her expertise incudes have performed numerous closings.  Judith's accuracy and high level of skill assures the completion of all of your notary requirements.
A Notarized Power of Attorney will allow a designated person to appear on your behalf and complete your closing. In order to have the document notarized you will need current photo identification. The Power of Attorney is restricted to just the closing and once the closing is completed the Power of Attorney cannot be used for other purposes. Fees for a Power Closing are determined by the number of documents and travel when applicable.