Mobile Notary Signing Instructions

Instructions for Mobile Signings

Welcome to Center City Notary, Philadelphia’s Premier Notary Company.   You have made an appointment for a Notary to assist you.  This form is designed to walk you through the signing process.  Please read the following instructions PRIOR to your signing.  If you have questions, please call 215-870-3103 and we will be pleased to help you.



  1. For ANY transaction anyone who is signing a document will need to present a valid piece of photo ID with a photo.  That includes witnesses.
  2. Passports are acceptable identification EXCEPT if this is a PennDot transaction as they do not accept Passports as identification.
  3. If this signing is for someone who is ill, please make sure someone has his or her identification available.


  1. As notaries are job is to authenticate your signature(s); you need to make sure that the documents are drafted correctly for your specific purpose(s).
  2. Notaries cannot provide you with legal advice.  Upon request we can refer you to an attorney who can help you. This acts as a disclosure that if we refer you to an attorney we will not receive any fee from the attorney for doing so.  We also will not be responsible for any advice this attorney may give you.
  3. Powers of Attorneys can be drafted in many forms; there are Powers relating to real estate, Powers relating to financial matters and Powers relating to medical situations.  There are also Powers relating to all of the above.  You must be sure you have the correct documents.
  4. If you present documents to our notary(s) which are not the correct documents for your purpose(s) and you need the notary to return to notarize the correct document(s), you will be charged for the second visit.   Conversely, if our notary(s) make an error we will have someone return ASAP and you will not be charged for the return visit.  

Please text or call 215-870-3103 with any questions.    We look forward to working with you.